How to get the car?

No experience of importing Japanese cars? We can take care of your demand very well so don’t feel uneasy. Our staff has been exporting used Japanese vehicles at a professional level for more than 10 years. We know how to help you. Click here! How To Buy.

How reliable this web-site is? Is it safe?

For more than 30 years, we have been export used and brand new vehicles in which 120,000 units are traded every week. We have exported more than 100 units to all over the world every month and we are recognized as one of the best choices in this market. Actually, our many customers are fully satisfied with the quality of our service as shown by the near five stars on the feedback of Preston Auto in which we have done business. Also, you can find the direct voice from our customers

What I have to do when purchasing the car?

Click here! How To Buy.


How is the condition of the units? Are they working?

The units displayed on this web-site are inspected twice by the third-party. All units are working well. Some are brand new and others are second hand.

Looking for low-priced car

You can search for a car on our website then click the QUOTE button. In the comment section please specify your price range and we will advise which car to buy under the preferred chosen brand.

There are no cars you want.

Even if the car you want is not in stock, we can search in the Japanese market and find whatever cars you want because we are the member of a business network in which 120,000 units are traded every week. Please fill in the name of the car you want

Looking for cars in good condition

Condition of cars is different for every unit. However, the condition is normally depending on the mileage. After filtering out our stock using ‘Search by car’ at the upper right of the Top page, you can find `Sort by` at the upper of the result. Please click on that and you can choose [Mile.Low>High] to find the units sorted by mileage. If you would like to know more details, feel free to contact us through the LIVE CHAT on the contact page.

How can I get the detail of the cars and more photos?

Please send us email directly through the contact page or Live chat with us